Belt Graduation September 25th , 2021

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Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 25th for our

Belt Graduation!

All Students will come at the same time, 9:30 AM.

Location is Heritage Christian Academy, in the gym.
Please register by September 1st,
after that date a late fee will be added and price will be $60
Students will have the opportunity to show off what they have learned these past 3 months, break a board, receive their new belt & certificate, and also take photos with your family and the instructors!
Each student MUST wear their FULL uniform, Shin guards and fingerless gloves.
Advanced students will need to bring their Nunchucku.
 ** Advanced students will TEST September 11th at the studio
Purple, Blue, & Green at 12 PM at PMA
Brown belts & higher at 2 PM at PMA
Adults will test SUNDAY September 19th at 2 PM at PMA (Full uniform and gear)