Leadership Development Course (Down Payment)

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The Premier Leadership Development Course is an 18 month powerful leading-edge system designed to specifically to help build leadership development in your child.

This course will make your child a future leader with the character qualities necessary to positively impact our world. Through executing this program, your child will not only improve their life, but will have a valuable impact on their friends, family, and community.

Included in this course is also an assistant instructor training course that will teach your child the martial arts curriculum and teaching systems necessary for them to become an official assistant instructor at Premier Martial Arts!

Course Chapters:

Month #1: PLD Introduction and Program Overview
Month #2: Self-Purpose and Identity
Month #3: Self-Worth, Value, Esteem and Confidence
Month #4: Self-Control
Month #5: Self-Discipline and Care
Month #6: Self-Motivation and Confidence
Month #7: Trustworthiness, Honesty and Integrity
Month #8: Judgment and Decision-Making
Month #9: Focus, Excellence, Diligence, and Work-Ethic
Individual Projects Due and Awards
Month #10: Courage and Conscience
Month #11: Friends
Month #12: Cooperation, Teamwork, and Conflict Resolution
Month #13: Sportsmanship and Competition
Month #14: Citizenship and Service
Month #15: Respect and Responsibility
Month #16: Caring and Kindness
Month #17: Fairness and Diversity
Month #18: Ethics, Right and Wrong