Premier Training Course (Down Payment)

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Our amazing Premier Training Course allows a student to receive advanced training and not only earn their Black Belt but also earn their 1st Degree Black Belt. That's right, two black belts at the same time! This advanced curriculum teaches students weapons training in the samurai sword, kamas, competition bo, double nunchaku, advanced board breaking, competition level forms and sparring!

This is a 36 month course designed to teach your child everything they need to earn their 1st Degree Black Belt. The total cost is $6795 and you have two payment options:

Monthly Payments - with this option, we require an initial installment of $495 off the total cost of the course. You would then have 36 equal monthly installments of $175. With monthly financing, their is 9.8% finance charge making your total monthly payment $192.15.

Pay in Full - with this option, you will receive $800 off the cost of the course and you will save about $620 in finance fees. You will save a total of $1420 with a one-time payment of just $5995!