Black Belt Training Course (Paid in Full)

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The Black Belt Training Course is a 36 month program that teaches our students not only the basics of martial arts, but all of the techniques that are necessary to one day become a black belt.

The Black Belt Training Course instructs our students on basic weapons training like the single stick, staff and nunchucku.

Students wear our black uniform instead of the white uniform.

The students are empowered not only from our self protection program, but they will learn life skills from our personal development coaching system that is taught in every class.

This course is super exciting, from our beginning sparring games and drills to our board breaking systems. Our students have a blast as they learn all techniques needed to become a black belt.

With our Paid In Full option, you save $800 off of the normal price plus you will save an additional $550 in finance charges. You will save $1350 with a single payment of just $4995.